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Should I Have an Air Purifier or an Air Filter Installed?

Last week we addressed an important part of looking for an air filtration system: understanding their efficiency ratings. A quick re-cap for those who came in late: if a filter is put into a home’s HVAC system that is too efficient, it will impede airflow and end up putting immense strain on the blower, leading to high energy bills and a system shutdown.

We also briefly brought up another issue that we want to go into deeper today, which is using an air purifier as a way to eliminate smaller particles when an air filter powerful enough cannot be installed.

The Air Filter vs. Electronic Air Purifier Conflict—It Doesn’t Exist

It’s a common misunderstanding for people who are looking for indoor air quality solutions to think that they have to choose between using a mechanical air filter and some type of air purifier. But this isn’t an “either/or” situation. Both can work together, and much of the time they do!

Air Filters Are a Good Starting Point

We don’t recommend that anyone only have an air purifier installed. Air purifiers are excellent for small types of contaminants, but usually have a specific kind they target. (UV air purifiers, for example, eliminate microbes, bacteria, and mold spores.) They simply aren’t that effective for larger pollutants, like standard dirt and carpet fibers. Start out with a professionally installed air filtration system. In some cases, it might be all you need.

Then Comes the Air Purifier (If Necessary)

Your installer can inform you during air filtration installation if you need additional air purification help. They’ll find out what type of purifier is best to pair with the filtration system. When this pairing is complete, you should have a system that removes more than 99% of the unwanted contaminants from your air!

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