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Signs You May Need Commercial Freezer Repair

No matter what kind of business you operate, if you depend on a commercial freezer for daily operations you must make sure that it remains in excellent shape at all times. When a freezer begins to show signs that it’s malfunctioning, you can’t afford to wait for it to fully break down before you call repair technicians as a non-functioning freezer will have a serious negative affect on your business.

Below are some of the early warning signs that your freezer is in need of repairs. Any type of refrigeration equipment requires trained professionals to fix it, and this is especially true for large and powerful commercial freezers.

  • Freezer runs constantly: The freezer should go through cycles of refrigeration. But if it starts to run constantly without cycling off, it could indicate an error with the thermostat, a broken thermometer inside the freezer, or leaking gaskets that are rapidly allowing cool air to escape.
  • Development of frost: If you notice frost building up inside a frost-free freezer—well, that’s not normal. Damaged door gaskets might be permitting humid air into the freezer, and this will start to develop along the evaporator coils, causing a rapid drop in temperature. The frost might also be due to a broken defrost timer or defrost thermostat.
  • Noisy operation: When the freezer begins making more noise than it should when the compressor runs, the problem is usually located inside the compressor itself, such as a damaged fan. This requires immediate attention, since the compressor is the most expensive part of freezer to replace, and it’s often better to replace the whole freezer should the compressor fails.
  • Only part of the freezer seems to be working: If only one level of the freezer is keeping food or other items frozen, the system is probably losing refrigerant. Technicians will seal the leaks and recharge the refrigerant.

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