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It’s Still Spring, So Don’t Delay With AC Maintenance


Air conditioning maintenance can be done at any time of the year—but it makes the most sense and does the most good to have it done in the spring. That way, the air conditioning is tuned-up and repaired (if it needs repairs) right before the hot weather arrives. The timing couldn’t be better!

If you haven’t arranged for an AC maintenance appointment with an HVAC technician yet, please do it as soon as you can. Summer and the hot, humid weather is coming up fast.

Why AC Maintenance Is Important

Maintenance for almost any device is something people often forget. “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, this old motto doesn’t take into account that something can appear to be working fine even when it’s broken! Part of maintenance is catching those problems before they start to cause problems. This is why maintenance is often called preventive maintenance—it’s there to prevent trouble.


When expert HVAC technicians examine an air conditioning system before the summer, they inspect all the components to look for places where excessive wear is taking hold, and they perform tests to see if there are drops in performance. One of the most important checks is on the refrigerant pressure. Loss of refrigerant through leaks is hard to notice initially, but an AC running on a lower amount of refrigerant will eventually lead to a full system breakdown. Maintenance catches leaks so they can be sealed and the refrigerant replenished.


Maintenance includes more than inspections. The technician also gives the air conditioner a “tune-up.” This does the same service for the AC that a regular tune-up does for a car—it lowers the effects of aging and use on the unit. Tune-up steps include cleaning (dirt accumulation is a major cause of AC deterioration), lubricating motors and other moving parts, and tightening electrical connections.

This tune-up gives the air conditioner the freshest possible start for the summer workload. The most immediate effect is better energy efficiency. Letting a cooling system go without maintenance for even a single year can mean paying 5% more on your utility bills over the summer. The tune-up also slows down wear and tear, which is immensely helpful in preventing (that word again!) repair issues from cropping up during the season—possibly even stopping a full breakdown. You can expect the air conditioner to enjoy a longer life in general thanks to keeping current with maintenance.


Finally, maintenance ensures the warranty for the air conditioner remains valid. This warranty protects you from system failures due to factory faults—you absolutely want to keep the warranty in force for its full term, or else you may end up paying for an early system replacement.

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