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Take Care of These AC Repairs Now

Fall is in full swing and temperatures are dropping. Sweaters are coming out of storage, and you’re enjoying the fall weather. You’re probably thinking more about keeping warm than you are staying cool. It may be a welcome change from the heat of summer, but your AC still needs some attention before you switch over to heat completely. 

Maybe your air conditioner worked great all season long, or maybe it had some hiccups. Either way, you need to schedule a service appointment for maintenance to address any air conditioning repair needs. When you take care of these AC repairs now, you can stay ahead of problems and ensure that your unit is working its best all year long.

What Are Signs of AC Problems?

You may be wondering how you even know that your air conditioner needs maintenance. Well, problems or not, you should schedule maintenance annually. The end of the cooling season is a great time to invest in your air conditioner so it’s in peak condition next summer. You can address any repair needs now before they potentially get worse over the fall and winter. If you’ve noticed any of the warning signs below, AC maintenance is even more important because you may already have a major problem.

Your AC is Making Weird Sounds

No appliance is perfectly quiet, and your air conditioner does make some sounds as it runs. You may hear it click on or off and you may hear air blowing through the ductwork, but any loud or obnoxious sounds are a problem. Unusual sounds to listen for include:

  • Rattling and banging – you may have a loose part
  • Hissing and bubbling – you may have a leak in your refrigerant line
  • Screeching or grinding – a part may be stuck or in need of lubrication

Lukewarm Air

The air blowing from your AC should be noticeably cool. If your home isn’t as cool as it once was, something may be wrong with your AC or thermostat. Your unit may be struggling to reach your desired temperature because of regular wear and tear or a need for thermostat recalibration. Either way, a quick AC tune-up can make your unit cool better than ever. Don’t put off a maintenance appointment until next year just because we are entering the heating season. 

Increasing Energy Bills

Your energy bills can fluctuate over time. But your energy use should be pretty consistent if you maintain average settings for your home. If you notice that your energy bills are steadily increasing, your HVAC system may be to blame. Over time you can lose energy efficiency. That efficiency is gone forever unless you invest in AC maintenance to ensure that your unit is working at its best. 

Delays in Response

When you change a setting on your thermostat to cool your home, you should hear the unit turn on very soon afterward. If your AC unit takes longer than a couple of minutes to respond to thermostat changes, something is wrong. Your AC may be struggling to turn on, which can increase wear and tear over time. 

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