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Upgrade Your Business’s Heating with Smart Thermostats

If you own or operate a business, you probably pay special attention to your energy bills during the winter. A heating system, whether a commercial furnace, boiler, or heat pump, has to put in a good deal of work to overcome the chilly outdoor temperatures and keep employees and clientele happy. That comfort comes at a price… but it may be a higher price than it needs to be.

There are many large-scale upgrades you can make to your company’s heating system, but sometimes the simplest change will make a huge difference. We suggest that you look into upgrading your thermostats if they’re older than 10 years, and put in smart thermostats.

What is a “smart” thermostat?

Smart technology is the newest development for indoor climate controls. These thermostats are computerized systems that not only monitor the temperature around a building to adjust it to meet comfort needs, they also learn from their history of programming. After only a few days of working, smart thermostats will develop their own programs that increase energy savings. Their analysis permits them to find options for lowering heating bills that you may never have thought of on your own.

In addition to learning how best to heat your business, smart thermostats have other advanced features: they provide you with reports on your energy savings so you always know how much your bottom line is improving, and they can be operated via a Wi-Fi connection. Imagine always having access to your business’ energy use through your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Setting up smart thermostats

Like other parts of a commercial HVAC system, smart thermostats require the assistance of professionals to install. You can contact our commercial HVAC technicians and they’ll be glad to find the ideal set of smart thermostats to install in your work place. We’ll have everything ready for you before the cold weather arrives. (And those thermostats will also serve you well during the summer!)

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