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Why Go Solar With Your AC? Here Are Some Great Reasons!

solar-panel-on-roof-of-homeAlthough we’re approaching the end of the summer, the coming fall is a good time to think about the future of your air conditioning in Benton, LA. When the weather cools and you won’t need to worry about using the AC for comfort each day, you can make plans for upgrading or even replacing it. If this summer seemed like it might be the last for your current air conditioner, or if you’re looking for a system that drains less power and eases the pressure on your monthly budget, then this fall is a good time to go shopping for a new cooling installation.

We encourage you to consider a solar-powered air conditioning system.

Solar power for my home? That seems like a big leap to take!

We know it may seem like it. But it’s easier to make the change than you might think. Solar energy is a fast-growing field, and it’s simpler than ever to outfit a roof or yard with panels to turn sunlight into electrical power for a house. You don’t have to “go-off-the-grid” to have a solar-powered energy system, either. Making the adjustment while keeping your home attached to the municipal electrical grid isn’t difficult—and our technicians will see the job goes smoothly.

Here are the best reasons to have solar air conditioning

Solar energy systems of any kind offer terrific benefits for a home. Here are some of the reasons to have solar AC installation:

  • The energy of the sun is free! It’s not free to install a solar air conditioner, and at times you may need to rely on power from the grid. But the actual amount you spend to run the sun? Yeah, that costs exactly zero dollars and zero cents per month. The energy coming from the sun is what creates the electric currents in the solar panels sent to power the AC, and this energy is completely free. You’ll see a dramatic drop in your yearly cooling costs.
  • Plenty of light available! Solar panels don’t need large amounts of sunlight to run effectively. They can operate on overcast days. But the times when you’re most likely to need to run your AC—i.e. on sunny summer days—are the times when solar panels have the most amount of sun to use for energy.
  • A renewable resource! Are you interested in going greener for your house and reducing your carbon footprint? A solar-powered air conditioner is a great way to do it.
  • Longevity and easy maintenance! Solar panels can last for decades without needing replacement. They’re simple to maintain, too. You never need to have them washed, the rain takes care of that.
  • Sell excess energy! If you have a grid-connected solar system, you can sell any excess energy from your solar-powered air conditioner back to the utility company.

We can install a solar AC for your home. Our expert technicians also offer complete service to repair and maintain the air conditioner so it provides you with many years of great service and savings.

Want to find out more about solar-powered air conditioning systems? Then call the doctor of home comfort: Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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