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Your Indoor Air Quality: How Bad Could It Be?

You likely spend a lot of time hanging out around your house. But did you know that the indoor air quality of your home can be up to five times more polluted than the outdoor air? Germs and bacteria easily get trapped inside, multiplying and spreading despite your best effort to clean.

If you feel like your indoor air quality is going downhill, it’s time to schedule a duct cleaning in Shreveport, LA. It’s one step in the right direction toward improved indoor air quality. Plus, our team can review your other options for improving your indoor air quality even more. Keep reading to learn why your indoor air quality may be so poor and what you can do about it.

Air Pollutants

Every time you leave your house and come back in, you bring some pollutants from the outside with you. Emissions from vehicles, pollen, and even cleaning chemicals get on your skin and clothes and return home with you.

Even when you wipe down surfaces in your home, these particles are still floating throughout the air. Many of them are so microscopic that your air filter cannot capture them to filter them out. As a result, they continue to recirculate again and again, even as you continue to bring new particles indoors with you.

Bacteria and Germs

In addition to pollutants, you also run the risk of bacteria and viruses recirculating through your home. Just like other pollutants, these particles are so small that your air filter cannot capture them. The problem with bacteria and viruses is that they spread and multiply as they continue to recirculate. This increases your family’s risk of getting sick.

Duct Services

The good news is, our team can help you take steps toward improving your indoor air quality. The first step is to invest in duct services. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, there’s a good chance that they have a layer of dust collecting inside. Every time the air conditioner turns on to cool your home, this dust mixes with the clean air to blow back into your home. 

Bacteria and germs cling to these dust particles, also recirculating. Duct cleaning is a great way to get a fresh start and prevent these particles from re-entering your home. If your ducts are particularly dirty, we may suggest duct sanitizing, too. As we clean your ducts, we will also examine them for any holes that are allowing dust and dirt inside as cool air escapes. After cleaning your ducts, we can also reseal them and repair any holes.

Air Purifier

While duct services are a great place to start, the best way to ensure great indoor air quality for all the days to come is by investing in a whole-house air purifier. This type of air purifier is installed inside of your air conditioner out of sight, where all of the air will pass by before entering your home. This ensures that more than 99% of all particles get captured so you have the best indoor air quality possible.

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