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4 Top Indoor Air Quality Concerns for Louisiana Homeowners


If you are not already concerned about the indoor air quality of your home, you should be. Especially here in the south, where we face a lot of humidity on top of indoor air pollution. If you have been thinking about the installation of an air purifier in Haughton, LA, now is a great time to have it done. 

You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of an air purifier, as well as indoor air quality concerns that you need to be aware of. Then, give our team a call to schedule your in-home assessment so we can review your air purifier options and help you choose the system that best meets your family’s needs.


If you or someone you love suffers from allergies, an air purifier is a huge benefit. You probably think more about allergens being outside of your home than inside. However, every time you return home you bring allergens back inside with you. The particles then enter your air conditioning system and continue recirculating, even as you bring more allergens in with you.

Yes, you do have an air filter on your air conditioner. However, there is only so much it can do. It wasn’t designed to catch microscopic particles, only the larger pieces of debris like dust, dirt and fur or hair. Many allergens are so tiny that they can fit through the fibers of a standard air filter.

Bacteria and Viruses

You also want to consider germs that you bring home. These particles can also recirculate, and even worse they can multiply and spread. Just like allergens, bacteria and viruses are so microscopic that they can fit through the air filter on your air conditioner to continue recirculating. This increases the likelihood that you get sick. An air purifier can trap and eliminate these microscopic particles so that you lower your chances of catching a cold or virus. An air purifier is an investment in your family’s health. 

Bad Odors

You might not think much about how odors spread throughout your home, but they are also tiny particles floating through your air. In fact, dust and dirt can capture odors and make it more likely that they recirculate through your home. And bad odors are not always an obvious outright smell. 

Sometimes a variety of bad odors that come from bathrooms, cleaning chemicals, and outdoor pollution mix together to make your home smell less than great without it being super obvious. You breathe the air in your home every day, but visitors may notice. An air purifier can eliminate these particles so that you can take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air inside your home.


While an air purifier cannot do anything for humidity levels in your home, this is also an indoor air quality consideration. Having high levels of humidity in your home can make it feel warmer than it really is. Plus, humidity can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew spores to spread. 

While an air purifier can help with the spores, it’s better to stop them at their source and eliminate conditions that allow mold and mildew to develop in the first place. If humidity is a concern for your home, you may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier in addition to an air purifier. 

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