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Don’t Ignore Repair Needs for Your Commercial AC—Even in the Fall!

September has arrived, and that means the official first day of fall is almost here. But that doesn’t mean that temperatures are going to abruptly start to cool off. If you own and operate a business in the area, you need to be extra cautious during this time of year that your commercial air conditioning system stays in peak shape. The AC has already gone through a great deal of strain during the summer, and the cumulative effect can cause the system to break down during a hot fall day. If you notice anything wrong with your building’s air conditioner, don’t ignore it just because the summer’s over. Call our commercial HVAC specialists right away for repairs.

There’s No Such Thing as a “Minor” Commercial AC Malfunction

It’s important to remember how much is riding on your commercial air conditioning system: the smooth and successful operation of your business. If the air conditioner that provides a pleasant environment for your employees, customers, clients, etc. fails during a hot day, it will have a major negative effect on your business. You can’t afford to take any chances that the AC will fail, so any malfunction in the system, regardless of its size, is one that must have fast remedy.

Air conditioner problems can worsen quickly, especially during heat waves when the system is being used almost continuously. Not only will the problem increase, it will also trigger a series of problems in other components. A failing capacitor will put more stress on a motor, for example, or a refrigerant leak will create icing along the evaporator coil. The sooner you have the repair done, the less expensive it will be and the less danger you’ll face that the whole system will break down.

Not Out of the Woods Yet: Heat in the Fall

The fall can still contain hot weather surprises, so it’s a mistake to let a commercial AC repair go just because you think the cooling system will soon start its winter hibernation. Besides, leaving an air conditioner with a repair issue over the winter means there’s a good chance the AC won’t work when you need it again in spring! Speedy repairs are just like regular maintenance: they make sure the air conditioner is ready to go whenever it’s needed.

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