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Commercial Kitchen Repairs: Why You Need Pros

Are you the owner or operator of a commercial kitchen or a business that relies on a commercial kitchen? Then you already know how vital it is to have every piece of equipment in that kitchen working properly from day to day. This includes freezers, ice makers, ovens, ranges, grills, toasters, bun warmers, deep fryers… well, it’s a long list.

And when you have problems with one of these commercial kitchen appliances, who should you contact for the repair work? You could call on a conventional appliance repair service; they might be able to get the job done. But do you want to roll the dice on might when it comes to your business? We didn’t think so.

Only Call Commercial Kitchen Appliance Specialists

The appliances found in a commercial kitchen aren’t much like those found in homes. The gas stove may work on the same principle, but the commercial type is far more powerful and expansive, and it must work with greater precision to ensure the food is prepared to the high standard that people expect from professional food service. And then there are numerous appliances that don’t show up in residential kitchens at all, such as deep fryers, steamers, walk-in coolers, and pizza ovens.

The only people who can see that these appliances are fixed to work correctly, and fixed fast, are commercial kitchen appliance professionals. For example, our specialists are experienced with a wide range of commercial food service appliances; if you can name it, they’ve installed, replaced, maintained, or repaired it. They know their way around commercial kitchens of all sizes and can remedy problems fast—and right!

Here’s something else to keep in mind when it comes to hiring repair technicians: any food service company must meet health and safety codes. Professionals who specialize in commercial appliances know the codes and will make sure that any appliance repairs meet the codes. You don’t want to risk having to close down operations because of botched repair job!

They next time you have a malfunctioning piece of equipment in your business’ kitchen, contact us for the best in service from specialists.

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration offers commercial kitchen appliance services and commercial refrigeration services in Haughton, LA and the surrounding areas.

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