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A Dehumidifier and Your Indoor Air Quality

woman-in-front-of-fanHow humid can it get here in Louisiana during the spring and summer? If you’ve already lived her for at least a single year, you know the answer is incredibly humid. The average daily high for humidity through most of the year is 90%, and it’s rare to dip below 50%. Humidity tends to reach its peak in October, but we don’t receive anything like a break from it during the summer. This is why having a dehumidifier installed in a home is so helpful.

But a dehumidifier—or at least a powerful and professionally installed whole-house dehumidifier—has some other uses as well. It can lead to improved indoor air quality for a household, as well protection for building material and personal possessions.

The Multiple Jobs of a Dehumidifier

When a homeowner arranges with our HVAC technicians to install a whole-house dehumidifier, they’re usually doing it because they want to enjoy better comfort during hot weather. High humidity makes warmer temperatures feel substantially warmer because the level of water moisture in the air slows down the human body’s ability to release heat through perspiration. With more heat trapped inside the body, the air feels warmer than it is. When relative humidity rises about 60%, the temperature feels like it’s 8° to 10° hotter. A pleasant 80°F seems like a sticky 90°F day. When a dehumidifier lowers the moisture levels back down to the comfortable 30%–50% range, summer heat is more bearable and the air conditioner won’t need to run as often.

But the dehumidifier performs another vital task. Removing excess moisture from inside a house protects the house and the inhabitants’ health.

  • Building material and possessions: Water damage is some of the hardest damage to undo. It destroys wood and other porous surfaces, and often leads to wood rot and warping. The development of mildew also creates problems, since mildew chews right through drywall. If you want to avoid damage to your house from moisture, or your have precision wooden instruments and valuable wooden keepsakes, a dehumidifier is a great choice. (There’s a reason fine art museums carefully control indoor humidity!)
  • Better health: Damp conditions are breeding grounds for mold. Mold is another source of potential building damage. But much worse is that many molds releases toxic spores into the air, which the CDC has identified as potential health hazards. This is especially a danger for homes with people who suffer from asthma and allergies. We not only recommend installing a whole-house dehumidifier to prevent mold growth, but the installation of UV air purifiers to kill any mold spores circulating through the ventilation system.

If you are interested in improving your indoor air quality in Haughton, LA, either for comfort or to control trouble with mold and mildew (and you can do both!), then speak to one of our team members today. Right now we’re offering a free indoor air quality evaluation—and you’ll receive 10% off a total installation if you sign within seven days of the evaluation. Contact us for more details.

Call the Doctor of Home Comfort for your dehumidification needs: Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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