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Pairing Air Filters with Air Purifiers: Is It Right for My Home?

If you are concerned that the quality of the air in your home isn’t up to the level that you want, or if allergies and asthma are becoming increasing problems for members of your household, we recommend that you have air filters installed into your HVAC system. (The air filter already in place isn’t sufficient, since its purpose isn’t to cleanse the air, but to protect the interior of the AC and heater.)

Will an air filtration system be enough, however? Or should you also have an electronic air purifier paired with the filters? We’ll look into these questions below:

The Power of Air Filtration

There are some situations where mechanical air filters will be sufficient to clean a home’s air. If the majority of airborne contaminants moving through the home are large particles such as dust, pollen, dander, dust mites, and lint from carpets and furniture, a professionally installed filter ought to remove more than 99% of them. An IAQ expert can find the filter with the right strength (measured in MERV) to do the job without causing interference with the performance of the HVAC system.

When Air Purifiers Are Necessary

If smaller contaminants are the source of trouble in your house, you can have more powerful filters put in with thicker fiber weaves. A HEPA filter is one such example; this filter is effective at stopping many small asthma and allergy-triggering particles. But HEPA filters and other thick weave filters are rarely good for use in homes. They place restrictions against the airflow that will cause a drop in comfort and put extra pressure on the heater and air conditioner.

This is when an air purifier is a huge help. Electronic purifiers don’t place resistance against airflow and they target much smaller particles that can slip through filters. Ask your IAQ expert if an air purifier will benefit you, and if so, what type to have installed. With the right professional assistance, you’ll have the clean indoor environment you and your family deserve.

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