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The Major Problem With Commercial Electrical Failure

Our team specializes in commercial restaurant equipment in Shreveport, LA because it’s a service that’s in high demand. Many restaurants in our area suffer from electrical failure or power outages, and they’re quickly coming to the realization that professional help is almost necessary.

Today, we’d like to talk about why a commercial electrical system failure could be such a huge problem with your restaurant. We’re not just talking about the expensive costs that come with a faulty electrical system or the customers that will be unhappy with flickering lights and a hand dryer that doesn’t work. We’re talking about a potential health and safety violation with refrigeration units and other systems that require precision temperature control.

Remember, if you have any questions about how your electrical systems should work in your Shreveport, LA establishment, feel free to call our team. We’re a reliable source of accurate information.

Minor Problems That Come From Electrical Failure

This category is what we would call minor inconveniences. A failure of restaurant equipment that’s powered by electricity can be a problem, but there are usually plenty of safeguards that keep things from being a health or safety hazard. For instance, flickering lights can be dangerous and bad for customers, but you can usually mitigate this by calling for quick repairs while you warn any incoming customers and guests about the problem. You can even use emergency lighting to make sure people can still see in areas where lights are out.

Sometimes you might deal with the electrical component of an oven shorting out, but many restaurants have multiple ovens. These are also simple fixes so we don’t think you’ll run into any terrible problems with some malfunctioning equipment.

How Electrical Problems Can Turn Into Health and Safety Problems

Here’s the worst part of an electrical problem in your restaurant. We’re sure you’ve got a cooler back there full of meat, sensitive ingredients, and products that need to be kept at a specific temperature. If it fluctuates too wildly, then you could allow for the growth of bacteria and the quick spoiling of some of your precious ingredients.

This is what we would call a problem within the “danger zone” and something that our team can help you avoid.

The Danger Zone

In the culinary field, the “danger zone” refers to the temperature area where food can easily grow bacteria and become spoiled. This is why ingredients need to be either refrigerated, or not kept out at room temperature for long. It’s easy for bacteria to grow in these temperature zones.

A malfunctioning cooler or freezer unit could allow temperatures to dip into the danger zone. Not only that, but while the inside of an ingredient might remain the right temperature, the outside could become spoiled and grow bacteria depending on how wildly the temperature of the cooler fluctuates. It’s important that you get malfunctioning restaurant equipment, like a cooler or a freezer unit, repaired and fixed by professionals quickly before it becomes a safety concern for your customers.

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