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Will a Heat Pump Work for the Whole Year?

While we might have a different answer for our northern neighbors who rely on more powerful heating systems, the answer to this question is simple for us. Yes! Your heat pump will provide adequate heating all year round in our neck of the woods.

Heat pumps rely on the temperature of the outdoor air as well as the cost of electricity. Your heat pump should be able to reliably provide your home with heat at a low enough cost to get you through the winter safely and comfortably. If it doesn’t, you might need to call the doctor of home comfort for HVAC service in Shreveport, LA.

Heat pump technology doesn’t have to be complicated! Let’s talk about why heat pumps are absolutely perfect for homeowners who are looking for an easy solution to their heating and cooling needs throughout the year.

Heat Pump Efficiency Depends on the Climate

Our summers can be scorching hot and humid to the core, but our winters are relatively mild. Things can get chilly at night but overall, we’re in good shape to wear light jackets and brace for some chilly rain during our fall and winter. This is why we’d like to recommend heat pump systems.

Heat pumps move heat from one location to another. Furnaces, on the other hand, and other types of heating systems create heat by burning fuel or using electrical resistance to heat up a coil. When temperatures are milder, there’s more heat in the air for a heat pump to transfer into your home. That means that a 40° day is actually easy for a heat pump to efficiently heat up your home.

Our northern neighbors don’t have it as easy. When temperatures drop to zero, a heat pump can struggle to provide heat efficiently to a home since there’s less heat to move from one location to another.

Heat Pump Efficiency Also Depends on the Cost of Electricity

Another factor to weigh if you’re considering purchasing a heat pump is the cost of electricity. Depending on where you live and your local municipality, electrical energy is going to cost a different amount. With all that said, throughout the vast majority of the United States, electricity is actually pretty affordable. Especially in our community, where we rely so heavily on electrical cooling systems, electricity is cheap and easy to obtain. That’s another reason why heat pumps are so great in our neighborhood—they don’t raise your heating bill with the cost of rare or refined fuel.

Invest in a Heat Pump System Today

Look, we’re going to be honest with you. Not every homeowner in the country has the opportunity that you do. Many need to rely on powerful heating systems to combat sub-zero temperatures and snowfall. While we still get winters, we don’t get them as rough as some other homeowners. This means our community is perfectly suited to have heat pumps provide all of its comfort needs throughout the entirety of the year.

Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can help. If you’re ready to invest in a heat pump system, then call the doctor of home comfort today.

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