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October May Not Let Up With Heat: Look Out for AC Problems

autumn-backgroundThe Halloween Season is when we can expect the crisper, cooler weather to arrive. But there’s no guarantee we’ll experience this break from the heat all month long. The hot weather can linger far into the fall, so we can’t stress enough that you must keep a watch on your AC system during this period so you won’t end up with an emergency.

Air conditioner burn-out

We’ve addressed this is another recent post, but an air conditioner is at higher risk of failure at the end of the season. August is probably the worst time for this because the system is still running on an almost daily basis. But the stress and strain from all those months of operation are still around in October, so a hot day can end up pushing the system over the edge so it fails. There are times when this can happen without warning, but they’re rare. Usually, an air conditioner approaching a critical failure will show signs:

  • Loud noises: Mechanical grinding and shrieking noises are telling you something is wrong with the motors. This is one of the most common troubles an AC may face late in the season because of loss of lubrication or the collection of dust on the motor. If caught earlier, it’s easy for technicians to fix this without having to replace the motor.
  • Short-cycling: This is when the AC isn’t completing a full cooling cycle and shuts off early, usually after less than 15 minutes of the compressor running. This can often indicate a compressor in trouble from the strain, so it’s important to have it looked into and the trouble fixed as soon as possible.
  • Hot spots: Are any rooms feeling warmer than normal when the air conditioner is running? The AC is probably losing its cooling capacity. There are several potential reasons for this. Check the air filter first to see if it needs cleaning, then call for repair experts.

Don’t let “smaller” problems linger

The need to have the air conditioner repaired applies no matter how urgent the issue may seem at the moment. If the air conditioner is running longer than normal, making strange noises, or experiences a drop in its regular cooling power leading to rooms that are warmer than normal, then call for repairs. If you don’t, then there’s a higher chance you may end up skipping the repair entirely and shut down the AC for the season in November with a repair problem. You don’t want the air conditioner to go into its winter hibernation with a malfunction, since this can mean it won’t work when it has to come back on during the first hot day of spring!

No matter the issues with your air conditioning in Greenwood, LA this October, you can place your trust in our team to have it fixed. We strongly recommend you schedule your heating maintenance at this time, so why not have the two jobs taken care of with one call? We’re glad to fix up your air conditioner and give your furnace or other heater the maintenance attention necessary for it to have a good head start on colder weather.

When you need AC repair, call the Doctor of Home Comfort: Hall’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.

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